Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Journal Binge - Recent, too! A bit of a jump, but still. Update!

November 16, 2007 (8:33 AM – 5:34 PM, 9 1/60 hours today, 95 29/60 hours total)

Today I job shadowed the Dusty Strings Factory. I left the house and arrived early in somewhat formal but still practical clothing. I was asked to bring in my incomplete harp for some professional help, which I did. Before this, I installed all the trim strips, no matter how many times I had to tear them off and re-apply them. Naturally, the back left trim strip spilled out a lot of glue (which didn’t actually seem to stick to the strip), so I was hoping to see how well I could take care of it. I arrived, was introduced to the Production Manager, who brought me around to different people.

The first person I met told me about planing wood, bringing trim strips to a flush, and how to use a planer effectively. He also showed me how the Dusty Strings harps are brought to a flush edge all around, even with the multitude of protruding strips. The next man showed me how to apply extra glue effectively to a trim strip, and then how to assemble the neck and Harmonic Curve. Amazingly, I did assemble them.

The third person who helped me showed me how the Ravenna line was made. It was amazingly simple – I think that Dusty Strings should make a kit out of it. The fourth person who helped me actually showed me how the sharpening levers were installed. With a few more pointers, I went down to start the sanding on my harp under the eye of yet another helpful employee. He showed me how to fill in holes with filler, how to sand things to a flush, and generically helped me get my harp to its near finished state.

All in all, this long day was immensely wonderful and very full. I loved it!

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